3 October 2013

Great example of creative web design from French agency Viens-la

Viens-la agency web design

French design agency Viens-la have crafted a wonderfully interactive and vibrant website; this is a great example of how technologies such as jQuery and CSS can be used to introduce new and quirky ways in which to capticate audiences, and bring in new clients. A brilliant showpiece!

Visit the Viens-la website here

18 April 2013

This just might be the t-shirt for you

Whether you work in IT, develop or design websites, code the latest and greatest video games, or are a theoretical physicist, then this t-shirt just might be the thing you've been looking for. 

Do you get pestered by your friends, family and colleagues for anything computer or internet related? And do you end up having to Google it for them? Well, save yourself the hassle and wear this t-shirt. "Google it" is available in all sizes, for boys and girls, in a myriad of colours and styles, even organic ones, so head over to Red Bubble to check it out:

Take me to the Google it t-shirt on Red Bubble

22 February 2013

How to truly crop a PDF file

The Crop tool in Adobe Acrobat is non-destructive; this means, once you've made a selection and you're then shown your cropped area, the PDF will still retain all the other canvas data and elements. This can cause issues later on, so if you're after a true crop of an area within your PDF, this is how to do it...

Step 1
Make your crop, as usual, using the Crop tool.

Step 2
Now this is the part that makes all the difference: export the cropped PDF as a Postscript file.

Step 3
Close Acrobat. Double-click and open the Postscript file. A window will appear, which processes the PS file and generates a new PDF file. This new PDF file is now a true crop.

Thanks to those in the following discussion:

25 January 2013

Fullscreen background image Wordpress themes

Fullscreen background image websites deliver an unparalleled visual impact to any website, and here are some excellent examples of Wordpress themes using fullscreen background images: