12 July 2012

LiveFyre real-time conversation platform

I stumbled across a rather interesting commenting system/platform, which LiveFyre describe as "Livefyre is the best real-time conversation platform on the web. Replace your outdated comment system and change the way people interact with content on your site". Visit the website to learn more.

Sean Gleason Photography

Some wonderful photography by Sean Gleason. Visit the website to see more.

Richard Moran Photography

Richard produces work for a diverse portfolio of clients, including Lloyds TSB, Mercedes-Benz UK, The Body Shop, Ernst & Young, Manchester City, The Church of England, The Alzheimer's Society, Opera North and The Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

In conjunction with some great agencies, including Golden, SAS London, Elmwood, Rufus Leonard, MARK, Bostock and Pollitt, Cogent Elliott and Salter Baxter to name a few.

Visit the website for more of his work