2 October 2012

Wordpress and Linux hosting that delivers

As a professional in the web development and design field, I've many years experience of dealing with web hosting companies; all shapes and sizes, some great, some not so great.

If you want the ultimate hosting solution, then Rackspace comes up trumps, if money is no object that is. So, there are many other hosting companies out there and they all vary in their offerings and products. Recently, I've been working with Wordpress in my spare time, and there's no doubt it's a mature and practical CMS solution if you're a web designer or developer.

So I wondered...which hosting company offers good, reliable Wordpress support and hosting, but doesn't cost the earth? After much reading of I decided to try Tsohost, a UK based cloud web hosting company based in Maidenhead, Berskshire.

Of course, I can only tell you of my own experience with them, and I'm very happy to report that Tsohost have been great. In fact, just recently, they updated their website and customer portal and control panel; and they've done a fantastic job.

Visit their website for details on what they have to offer, at very affordable prices...I'm not kidding!

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